SCAM ALERT - USDJPY Master™ Telegram channel

This is a true story of a scam perpetuated by this Telegram group, USDJPY MASTER™ (87.7k) followers.

Scam tactic included joining their so-called VIP channel at an exorbitant rate of US$600 for a lifetime. Never transfer your hard-earned money to their admin R S, whose delaying tactics will be the first thing that will follow through once your money is parted, as I did earlier. Sent money through and never got anything back is probably one common outcome of a common scam - and this channel is as classic if not boringly predictable as they come.

Having been banned after demanding for a refund (after been stood up for an invitation link for at least 8 hours after paying up a subscription fee of US$250 via Skrill to this winhyacinth@gmail, this admin finally showed his true colours that the whole set up of USDJPY Master™ was obviously a scam of a lowest order and stupidity. Fancy just cheating and running away with 250 USD for what would be a series of free publicity posts here and elsewhere for USDJPY Master™.

Their free trade signals were largely loss making trades, having tested them on at least 8-10 demo accounts. Most of them were copied from other Telegram channels that are legit and which I follow and even paid for as a subscriber.

For what my money’s worth as a write off, it’s a small price to pay to let you know the inside tale of this blatantly low grade scam behind the USDJPY Master™.

If you want to trust their so-called admin and part with your money, don’t say you haven’t been warned: you will not get anything back in return, not least an invitation link or worse your profits for what would be a far worse investment scam.

There are more legit Telegram signals provider out there whose admin is decent hearted human being. This R S and his elk, please beware.

IF you must, run their trades on demo and see for yourself for what they are worth.

You won’t get your money back if you ever transfer money for anything they are flogging. Try and tell me if I’m wrong.



Definition of bought means that was something that changed hands, ie, paying for something and getting that something in return. Here, I merely wanted to alert people to this scam. Reason for wanting that subscription, which their admin flogged and which I obviously didn’t pay if you read my full story, is something else altogether. (Their trades could only work if you do tweak some settings on MT4, but not straight up). The part on something not what it seems is calling a spade a spade, true enough. I learnt my lesson but that in no way justified them continuing to scam people who wish to purchase signals. I’ve purchased a few signal providers’ services and they all delivered after paying for them… Whether they make money or not is not within the remit of my post and is subject to how one uses those signals.

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Yes, FX trading is infinitely interesting. These scammers have proven themselves to be pretty lousy at it, given their largely loss-making signals compared to others with higher precision and accuracy outcomes on straight up, enter at face value basis. However, everything is relative and MT4 EAs exist for that purpose. Some are already good without needing the relative tweaking, but some like this scam channel are just plain abysmal, according to trade data collected off all their signals entered every single time using telegram copier.

I dont know why but I get the impression all this is reverse psychology to get people to go check out the site. Why the need to set out the price and number of followers and inviting people to go check it out themselves?

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USD/JPY is one of the easiest to trade too.