Scam broker beware

Hello… Beware this broker, At first I thought they are a professional Broker which is authorised by the FCA as mentioned on their website, but they are not releasing my payout. They are just the same scam broker elsewhere you see. Secondly brokers are now smarter, some of them are using the ANYDESK App to go inside our PC if they can try to get as much money. If any broker ask if we have ANYDESK App, just say NO and MOVE away. I hope all and new traders are aware of this. Beware and Be Warned! So that our money are safe from such a scrupulous broker. Thanks for reading and taking notes.

Hey, did you write a very long review on FPA? I think you should do that so that no other trader will fall for this trap.

Why don’t they release your payout? Can you please post more details so we can embark on initial investigation?