School of Pipsology will not load on iPhone

I try to log into school of Pipsology on my iphone and it comes up in a code format. I can access every other part of the website with no problem. What am I doing wrong? Please help I would love to read it at work.

The section of the forum called “Off Topic Central” has a “Bugs & Suggestions” section for reporting these issues. The BabyPips guys are really good at getting back to you regarding any issues that you have.

I just tried accessing the school through the BabyPips app there & it came up with an error.

Well thanks for the reply, sorry for posting in the wrong section, next time I will read further down the listing of the forum before posting.(major newbie mistake) I had some down time at work and I was getting frustrated with the app and if I went straight to the website I still had the same issue. Anyways it seems to be working now. Thanks again and I am glad to see you had an error too which puts the problem on their end and not necessarily on mine. :54:

Hey Jptex,

Thanks for the feedback. It appears that you’re working now, but we have a tip for you to use in the future if this problem reemerges. And this goes for whatever browser you’re using, whether Mobile Safari or Chrome or Android or a desktop browser on a Windows PC or a Mac.

Tip: Clear your browsers temporary Internet cache and cookies. There might be more than one cookie for, so make sure you get them all.

We often make changes on the backend that can affect your display experience if you don’t refresh your browser session. Clearing out the old stuff gives you a fresh start.



baz1982, you’ll want to do the same. I just checked the School tab from within the app browser and everything looks good.