School of Pipsology

Hi Traders,
I just wanna ask if anyone can assist me in how to use the School of Pipsology, Personal Progress. I searched the Forum for answers but have found nothing to explain and help me in this regard.

I have ticked yes after completing every Lesson, but the next day have to go through the courses and try and find where I stopped the previous day. Is this “Your Personal Progress” suppose to save your last course/lesson when you exit for the day, and take you back there the following day or not.
I hope that I have posted this in the right place and would be very grateful for any assistance in this small issue.

Thanks in advance

its a place from where traders above all the beginners can become a knowledgeable trader very rapidly , really is a best school from all in online.

Hi Hadden, thanks for your reply. The answer you gave me is not answering my question.

actually lots of trading courses in online , but i have seen most of them actually not works in practically. because most of them are found to be scams.

Make sure you’re signed in, otherwise it won’t know where you left off. I also seem to remember having to find my place on more than one occasion even when I was signedin. Might be a small glitch. Just write down where you left off if it’s an issue.

A quick way is to go on the main School of Pipsology page.

Then you can scroll through the page and look at the progress icon. You’ll see it filled like a pie chart.

Thanks to all that replied, will just keep track on paper

That is very weird that it didn’t record your progress, could it be you did not sign in?

Was signed in, always signed in. It records the progress, but my question was, is it suppose to take you back to where you last stopped, when you signed in the next day. The answer to this apparently is NO you have to scroll through it all and find your last studied course / lesson. Was also hoping there could be a “clear all progress” option, if a person wanted to start over or do the course again.

You are correct. It does not resume automatically from where you left, rather you have to scroll through and go to the chapter which you had last read.