I thank all the staffers who created this school. The information I am getting is soooooo invaluable. After I complete two or three grades a day, I stop in here and see what’s new. I have noticed lots of people asking questions about everything I have learned. It strikes me that if newbies like myself would take the course and put the work into learning then alot of these questions would not be asked. I mean no disrespect to anyone here but if we want to make it in this business we need to work for it and educating ourselves is part of the work. If we aren’t willing to work to get educated then I wonder how many here are willing to make it. I always see senior members having to waste their time and tell people to go to the school. That is what it’s here for. It seems that people want to “get to the bottom line” without reading the contract, per se. Most questions could be answered in the school if only we put the effort into reading it and retaining it. Then we all could ask questions that are not covered in school. I may be new here and may be out of line but I feel that I’ve come a long way by putting the work in and others just don’t want to put in their dues. My appologies to everyone for this rant but I felt it needed to be said.

"Anything worth a damn requires hard work. If it doesn’t require hard work it’s not worth a damn."

"When you think every move you make is wrong, you make the wrong move."

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[B]Yeehaw! Finally, somebody gets it![/B]


Keep up the good work, gator. You’re doing it right and, because you’re taking responsibility for your own success, you have a much greater chance than those who simply want everything handed to them without expending any energy to do something for themselves.


I use to give detailed answers on some of the questions but then after a few dozen times it got to be too repetitive. I even go back to the school myself since they update it all the time. In any case people have to learn how to use the search button on the top of the page because I bet 90% or more of their questions have been answered in much more detail then they will get if they ask the question again.

Nice post since you hit the nail right on the head. If people are too lazy to go though the school than they already failed at trading in my opinion. They should keep their money in the bank rather than throw it away :smiley:


Thanks Terry and Topgun,

If all of us here were playing poker together, people like that would be called “dead money”. I feel sorry for you senior members who, time after time, have to say the same thing over and over. How hard is it for them to get it? Go to school and maybe they’ll learn something! Since I started going to school, I feel better about myself and increased my confidence three fold. I’m proud to say that I’ve grown up alot learning this. I haven’t felt like this since bootcamp many years ago. A golden opportunity is laid at peoples feet (the school) and they just pass it by and feel others will do the work for them. It just bothers me that we hAVE put the work and the time in and so many who could benefit so much from it, just throw it away. It’s not fair to us and it sure isn’t fair to them to short change themselves like that. I hope everyone reads this thread and those who need the friendly kick in the pants get it. Topgun you said it right about they should keep their money in the bank. Their wasting our time and theirs.

"Anything worth a damn requires hard work, if it doesn’t require hard work it’s not worth a damn."

"When you think every move you make is wrong, you make the wrong move."

Thank you so much Gator, honestly I didn’t know something like “school” existed here and I was looking for self study material because I’m not so big on asking questions, till I saw a post mentioning school then I came across your post, read it and now I’m so excited!
Thank you again Gator.

The School of Pipsology is the most popular feature of Babypips. There is hardly any other resource as comprehensive and as lucid as the School of Pipsology. I am glad you came across before choosing a paid course which may not turn out to be as useful. All the best.

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school of psychology is really important for all kinds of trader especially for the beginners level , besides this its more appropriate to trade in a demo account.

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If you want to be successful in forex trading then you need to invest a lot of your time in learning. If you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into then you are going to make a lot of mistakes and you will regret it when the time come for you to go for live trading. Forex is a good business but only if you can manage it.