Screen shot of supreme forex profiteer

hey guys

I don’t have this system for very long.However seeing as there is a limited number of copies for sale i thought you might be intrested in seeing a screen shot right now.This happen to be the first screen shot that popped on my screen.

I thought you will like to see a screen shot from me since i will not benefit from any sales to be made.I’m not recommending this system it still has to be tested but thus far to me who specailizes in systems exactly like this one it looks real good.Have a look

its good to see and thanks for sharing the information with us and i am very happy to be the part of your community and this is a great platform for me…

Umm, this just looks like an MA cross system.

i have the system but i’m not using it.It generates too many signals for me but it will definetly be profitable.Even though they say it works on all timeframes after you bought it you discover that it is optimized for the 1hr frame.