Searching for a MT4 Programmer


I’m looking for a MT4 Programmer that can program my Strategy into an EA.
I also need this programmer to test out the strategy for different parameters, because I don’t have the time to backtest manually the whole strategy for one year. I would pay good money for good work.
I would really appreciate some help

Hi and welcome to the forum. This is a pretty direct question for first post. We know nothing about you but from the first post it looks like you are wanting instant answers with no intent to learn. So better to ask somewhere else. Just in case I have misinterpreted your intention, I apologise in advance, and look forward to you telling us a bit more about yourself, which would help us answer your question more accurately. Meantime just go to a web browser and type in “mt4 programmers” and you will find thousands of them.

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pls introduce ur self

It’s a pity that it’s hard enough to find really good specialists, because the market, MT4 and any other instruments have their own features, each of which deserves huge attention…

Hmm… 14 days and no reply. Bye guy