Secure pip moving? + question

Whats up guys
i have noticed that everyday at 10:30 GMT the eur/usd move down more than 50 pips, can you rely on that and why does it do that? does anyone know other pairs that can do the same thing?

another question i wonder is that i have heard that brokers don’t like when you make alot of money, but i don’t know why?


I don’t see that happening. I picked a random week to test it and here’s what I found on the 10:30-10:45GMT 15m candle.

March 30: +5 pips.
March 31: +22 pips.
April 1: +3 pips.
April 2: +12 pips.
April 3: +7 pips.

If it’s been going down 50 pips recently at that time it’s just a coincidence, I wouldn’t build a trading strategy off of it. :slight_smile:

As for your next question, most broker’s don’t like it when you make money because they are not passing your trade on to the “real” forex market. They keep the trades in-house and pay all the winners and losers out of their own pocket, so when you make money they lose money. :slight_smile:

I know that sounds scary but as long as it’s a major, reputable broker such as IBFX, Oanda, Alpari, etc then they will pay you without any problems.

thank you for your answer, i read the time wrong on my platform, i think it is 10:30
GMT+3 eur/usd, man i’m not really sure what does the platform have for time?
i have seen it a couple of days that it go down more than 50 pips
i found that on a forum, here is the link: