See Left Trade Right With Price Action

Hi all, I’m SYS a.k.a Septian Yudha Salim from Indonesia. Before I shared this trade system, I hope you will enjoy my thread because my English is bad but I want to learn more English Language.*

My trading system is using a TF min H1. Before I trade, I will see the left price and trade with the right. The price action will tell me Sell at Resistance/Supply or Buy at Support/Demand and several chart pattern or trendline. I’m not Indicator trader and I just using a MACD to see some divergance at market. So if I don’t have a setting in my chart, I will wait for opening my trade.*

I hope we understand that nobody’s system can make you have 100% trading system. But your psychologic, and money management can make you gain profit in forex.

If you have any question, please take with your picture.


It’s my first open when the market open.

Manual Stop if the trendline broken.

Price already consolidation and have a bearish engulfing progress…

Half of target banked…

Low risk to buy…

will close if momentum up is weak

81 pips banked !

Any comment here ?

Playing with the trend !

Good R:R


Sell at resistance, small SL

Flag Pole Euro/Usd

Hello SYS,

It is very difficult to see anything on your charts. What are entry levels Exit levels and in some cases which currency are you trading? Very difficult to understand, The background is too dark.


Hello Duba,

I don’t know why my attchement file in here will be blur at here. But the real picture I take not blur, this the example Screenshot by Lightshot.

That screenshot is very clear. I guess you will have to post with lightshot screenshots. That would help.



Ok, I will try for the next post

Happy Profit

Bearish Engulfing Progressing

Screenshot by Lightshot

Wait for build and where to go… South or North ?

Screenshot by Lightshot

Support Become Resistance at AUD/USD

Screenshot by Lightshot

Retest Trendline Euro/Aud

Screenshot by Lightshot