Seeing a fair warning

Seeing this warning on Fx sites is great. It keeps your expectations grounded and realistic. You can immediately tell that it is naaaaaat easy. Dis is a good move and ALL brokers should do this. :+1:

Fair warning

It should be kitty easy to think and ask your kitty self: Am I better than the 75% others? What makes this cat so special that I’ll win?

Dis cat will do all it can so dis cat won’t be another schtatistikk! Meow! ^O^/

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We posted an article earlier this year that covered a similar topic:

Btw, dis hippo isn’t realy a big fan of cats since the big ones (lions) tend to try and eat me while I’m chillaxin’ at watering holes. :grinning:

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It’s pawesome that brokers keep it real owweady. :cat: :+1:

Oh you gotta be cawweful and help em classify you as “friend” instead of “food”. Ya know…

Cheers and moww pips to come! :cat:

Good thing us lowly Americans aren’t allowed to trade CFD’s. Here in the land of the free our big brother who watches over our every move tells us it’s just too dangerous. Thank goodness for Uncle Sam. :upside_down_face:

Gasp. Datch tough havin a big cat breathin on your neck watchin ur every move. I’ve also heard crazy schtuff about your Canadian neighbors on stiffenin up leverage rules. What’s happenin to the hoomans. Don’t they wanna tuwwade? :cat:

The rule I hate the most is the “first in first out rule.” I can’t even close my positions down without them telling me what order I have to do it in. They’ve also added a rule that says if I want to open two trades on one currency pair (scaling in), I have to have a different position size for each , even if it is a dollar difference. How stupid is that!

I get dinged all the time for it. I’m just waiting for the day my broker shuts me down for one-too-many FIFO violations :weary:


Gasp. Yiss datch a tough one coz it invalidates some strategies. I guess that’s why a latta hoomans in the US try to go to offshore brokers. Despite that setback, I hope you cn still trade well, Steve! Make some kitty adjustments on your strategy and let’s hope it works out. ^O^

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Didn’t brokers get compelled legally to post such warnings recently?

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So i heard. I guess I wasn’t kitty up to date. :sweat_smile:

Still, I wish they had those stats earlier. I didn’t expect the warnings to be so blatant and direct (which is awesome coz it sends kitty traders some real talk).

I guess many of us wouldn’t take this business as lightly as we did on our first try had we seen such a warning. Good job on the wegulators! :heart_eyes_cat:

I have little doubt they had the stats, they just didn’t want to publicize them before they were forced to.

Yeah, they knew all those stats long before they were compelled to publicize them. They are salesmen afterall. :smiley:

True. But it’s good they have been made public.

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