Seeking suggestion about Eurotrader

Hello everyone
I need help about a broker. 3 months back I was searching for broker with swap free account. After doing some research on Google and comparison, I decided to go with Eurotrader. Last 3 months I am doing great with them. Now I am planning to deposit a bigger funds. Anyone here who is using Eurotrader for a longer period of time. I would love to hear your feedback. As it’s a big fund, I want some confirmation from existing traders of Eurotrader.
Thanks in advance.

Hello Rin, Yes, I am trading with Eurotrader for a long time. From my experience, I can assure you that, you will not face any kind of problem with the deposit and withdrawal system from the broker. They are really honest and you will not have any problem withdrawing a big amount. But I believe that they should increase the number of their trading pairs. By doing this we, Eurotrader users can have more options for trading. I hope that they will work on it. Thanks.

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Hi Rin. I already read what you asked to know. However, I have been trading with Eurotrader for last 15 months. My capital is more 5 digits. And I never withdraw my profit on a daily basis rather I do it on a monthly basis. According to my own experience, I have had no issue with balance withdrawal and I found them smooth in balance withdrawal support as I said that I withdraw my cash in bulk.

Actually, I am trading with Eurotrader broker more than two years now! Even, I have learned with them a lot! I would like to mention here about the good facts of Eurotrader broker:

  1. Fast Withdrawal options.
  2. Fast Execution.
  3. Low Trading Spread.
  4. Wide-Varieties of Trading Pairs including Crypto, Indices & Commodities.
  5. No hidden fee.
  6. Lot of Payment Options.
  7. Very Good Customer Service.
  8. Helpful Account Manager.

I have been using Eurotrader broker for more than one year. I am really pleased with their facilities. To me, a broker’s honesty is much important. I am a news trader basically and I saw many brokers show requotes during news trading. But I found Eurotrader broker highly exceptional here.