Selecting trading days in MQL4 EA

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our trades.”

Heavy-handed 80’s soap opera references aside, trading days can matter! For the longest time I relied on a clunky mechanism for selecting which days to trade:

if(DayOfWeek() >= start_day && DayOfWeek() <= end_day)

Simple enough, right? If I want to start trading on day 1 (Monday) and stop trading on day 3 (Wednesday) that works out swimmingly! What if I want to start trading on Wednesday and stop on Monday? Uh oh…

For a more elegant approach to selecting trading days, try this instead!

Add these variables to your other global external variables:

input bool Sunday=1;                                                       // Trade on Sunday
input bool Monday=1;                                                       // Trade on Monday
input bool Tuesday=1;                                                      // Trade on Tuesday 
input bool Wednesday=1;                                                    // Trade on Wednesday 
input bool Thursday=1;                                                     // Trade on Thursday  
input bool Friday=1;                                                       // Trade on Friday 

Then you can use those conditions for deciding which days to enter trades:

  if((DayOfWeek()==0 && Sunday==1)
  || (DayOfWeek()==1 && Monday==1)
  || (DayOfWeek()==2 && Tuesday==1)
  || (DayOfWeek()==3 && Wednesday==1)
  || (DayOfWeek()==4 && Thursday==1)
  || (DayOfWeek()==5 && Friday==1))                     

The EA input selections should look like this. Cheers, and let me know if you have any questions!


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