Self Introduction 2023

Goooooood day everyone, this is SCP-621

My name is D.Loh but you can call me Dante. I’m from the land of Malaysia (Yes, the country which was in Naruto, the land of the rain) and I just started grinding the school course yesterday. I gotta say the resources provided and information are bountiful.

This site was introduced by my younger brother who is veteran at trading. (While good ol me sucks at it). Regardless, I’m thankful and grateful for the site and its contributing creators and etc.

Dante Loh


Welcome Dante

I hope to manage to soak up all the lessons and can become as good a trader as you brother.

Good luck

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Welcome Dante! I’m sure you’ll pick up those trading skills with your brother’s guidance and the support of this community. Feel free to post any questions you have along the way. Good luck!

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Welcoooome! :blush: Southeast Asia represent! :smiley: Haha.

I didn’t know this, although I’ve been watching Naruto for years. :sweat_smile: You’re still starting out so it’s normal to suck. Even experienced traders also go through those things. :smiley: Hopefully you keep at it, and eventually become a profitable trader. We’ll be cheering for you Dante! :blush:

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Welcome Dante! How is it going for you so far? Hope you’re having a great time here! Good luck!

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