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Hi all, I’m Ozball. I’m an Aussie based in Japan. I dabbled in Forex about 10 years ago but never really stuck with it (or achieved any success). Recently I’ve come back to it, since I’ve been having to watch the AUD/JPY anyways for my own financial reasons, and finally coming close to finishing the School of Pipsology (just Undergraduate left to go!). Been demo’ing for about 3 months with mixed (though trending upwards) success. Figure that if I’m going to make this stick, especially once I move out of demo’ing eventually, I’ll need likeminded people to discuss with.

Currently mostly looking at AUD and JPY related crosses, with a tertiary focus on the USD (though I’m guessing most of us keep at least half an eye on the USD anyways :sweat_smile:). Current favourite pairs are the AUD/JPY (naturally) and recently been enjoying a purely technical approach on the AUD/NZD (and dabbling in crosses in general). Mostly looking at 1h charts, with an eye on the 1d and using the 4h and 15m as multi timeframe analysis charts.

Looking forward to discussing with everyone and being part of the community!


Yes, you are on the path to success. Well done. I trust you are about to finish developing a profitable strategy and strict process to follow for every trade you make…

However, once you opt to go live you will be emotionally challenged by what the market throws at you. I suggest you read The Zen Trader by Peter Castle to learn how to accept but ignore your challenges.

Also, aim to learn how to manage risk exposure to protect your account. Best of luck.

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Sounds like you already have some awesome knowledge of trading.

Keep some posts coming I’d love to see progress and developments.

Always helpful being able to watch and understand another’s journey.

Cheers friend :beers:

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Thanks for the recommendation, will check it out! And yeah, I’m honestly a touch worried about shifting to live trading, but also it will have to come eventually. I’ve set a couple rules/conditions for myself before I do shift over, including finishing the School of Pipsology courses and putting aside a set amount of savings just for trading, so it won’t be happening too soon. But that just gives me more time to perfect a trading plan and learn more.

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Yeah, I’m planning to keep diving into the forums and joining in on the discussions. I find verbalizing (well, in this case typing I guess) my thoughts and processes help me understand them better, and find any issues within them. Might start a trading journal or something similar to try and do that here. :thinking:

Also, not sure on what the forum’s policy is on double posting… hoping it’s not violating any rules.

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Welcome back to the world of trading, Ozball! I look forward to seeing your contributions and learn from your experiences. See you around!

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I am glad to meet all the forum participants.

You’ve been a member since 2013! Welcome back! It’s never too late to jump back in and give it another shot. Good luck!

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Welcome @MikeScherer! Are you new or trading already? Looking forward to hearing more about your trading journey!

Just to come back to this, I finished the book over this weekend and have to say, thank you for the recommendation! It was a great read, and very useful! I’m going to have to go back over it a few times to cement some of the lessons, but overall enjoyed it very much. Thank you!

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Good day, ladies and Gentlemen.
Greeting and connecting from the heart of Africa (Nigeria)

I am Daniel, and I am being introduced to trading by a friend of my who alo is an active trader.

I decided it is time to seek out for more greener pastures with compounding setups.

And so, here I am to learn and grow and profit.

Welcome Daniel! Will your friend be guiding you or are you exploring this trading journey on your own?