Self Introduction

Hi everyone, my name is Benita, you can call me Benny. I am from Nigeria. A graduate of History and International Studies. Currently, I work as a content writer for an online news magazine on a part-time basis. I volunteer a lot for humanitarian activities from orphanage outreach to reaching out to the aged in rural communities and girl child empowerment programs. Etc. I am new to forex and would like to become a seasonal and successful trader.

With respect, to be successful at FX trading, you really need to treat it seriously, like a new business venture. That takes many months if not years of learning to trade properly and proficiently.

I suggest your current lifestyle - which is one I admire you for - is time consuming and difficult to fit in.

However, now you’re here, give it a try and see how it goes. best of luck.

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Hi - welcome, and start here. Best of luck

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Thanks so much!

Thanks so much sir!