Sell Eur/Usd

After completing the 38.2% retracement this pair looses strength and I think the journey to 3.2200 will start in this week then it may retrace back to 1.2700 now it is not in my thinking I am just hoping that my analysis be successful. Please comment on this.

hope, you are right. my opinion is just the same.

Personally, I don’t see it dropping far below 1.2500 (if at all) before the brakes are applied; I don’t think it’ll happen this week either … we’ll see.
EURUSD’s been doing crazy things lately.


The EUR/USD will test 1.35 before it fall down. The EMA is up and pair is bullish as it is rejecting the price 1.3050,
here is the chart
Image 1328600167-clip-22kb.png

Hellow vijay, thanks for your reply, I think this pair will go to touch the level 1.35 if it is strengthened enough to fail the 1.3200 level but last week it could not I think this resistance will remain intact in this week and 1.2200??? That is a matter of time.