Selling a script

Hello all, looking for some advice.

I have written a script using a “scalping method” that has been very profitable in demo trials.

Problem is, I can’t use it on retail sites like FXCM because it requires a very low spread to maximize profitablility.

Has anyone ever heard of market makers such as banks or hedge funds buying profitable scripts from third parties? If so, how would one go about making contact with these institutions. thanks for your help

Sorry to tell you but they are way ahead of the game.

Market makers and hedge funds don’t scalp the market. And they have their own proprietary systems created by quantitative analysts with fancy maths degrees and system programmers which are lightyears ahead of the pack.

If you think it’s profitable just go ahead and use it. Even if the spreads don’t make it max profitable having something that consistently makes you money is ok right? I suspect though that in the long run having a system that sounds like it doesn’t have a lot of margin for error won’t work out and some small changes in the market would see the end of it.

thanks for the response. It is profitable, just not with spreads I can get in retail markets. If anyone knows of someone with access to low spreads interested in purchasing a script let me know. thanks