Selling gbp usd again

GBP usd dropped nicely yesterday, selling it again when London opens 5pm Brisbane aust time

London opens in 20 minutes that’s when I’ll be selling gbp usd my tp will be 30 pips , happy trading

Yikes! How unlucky can you get? :frowning_face:

GBP/USD steadily went up 50 pips between 8.00am and 9.00am London time, today. You must have been stopped out? :angry:


If there was a loss in trading on GBPUSD yesterday, then don’t worry. Next week you can return to trading on GBPUSD. In my personal view, this pair seems to still be under selling pressure due to the recession conditions there. Therefore, prefer to sell when the price moves upwards. But still adapt to various situations that can turn around. Thanks.

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Hi , it struggled to make a decent high and fell

Thanks gbp usd down 5 percent I won a little

Lol, I don’t think so. Nobody trades with a stop-loss huge enough (and especially not with only a 30-pip target, as you said) to ride out an adverse swing like that - it would make no sense at all.

Seems to be just like this thread, really. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Why do you start a new Journal for each trade, rather than putting them all together in one thread like other people?


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