Sen.hill's trade journal

I will be posting my trades here when I take them. Please do not ask for the system. The brief notes will act as reminder for me when I read this journal at later time.

Took a LONG in NZDUSD and closed for 10pips

Took a Short on USDJPY.

Closed UJ with 80pips profit.

Took another UJ short.

Keeping this short open for next few days.

Added one more entry in UJ at Market now.

UJ shorts are still in play.

Added one more SELL entry at 116.88, I guess thats enough #of trades in UJ now.

Though NU long is good setup, UJ is preferred due to the daily range. So closed NU.

UJ is in counter trend SELL; It did not hit the LONG target yet. This counter move will prepare UJ for its upside target which will be a significant one.

Damn…today USD completed the reversal pattern and BIG TIME selling USD. I am taking short on USD in most of the pairs.

Took a Long on GU

Took Long on AU and NU also.

another Short entry added in UJ now

come on USD… FALL BIG. You might Delay it; can not stop it :wink: