Send some good wish thoughts my way guys

Hi guys I am finally ready to trade real cash for the first time and i ask you guys to send good wish thoughts my way.



good luck & thoughts to you

We all need a good and kind word.


stick to your rules, stick to your system, that his how pips are made. Don’t make the same mistake most of us make. You must have a plan/system that you are 100% confident in and stick to your plan/system.

When I first started trading live I broke every rule in the book. I jumped from system to system, style to style, all the while thinking the next one was the one to work. I didn’t trust myself. I had spent hours upon hours reading, studying, trading(demo), only to abandon all of it instantly. Once I started trusting myself, once I created a system that worked for me, once I stuck to my rules, I started to make pips consistently. I have now refined it even further and had my best month ever.

Keep positive and trust yourself, after all it is your money on the line. Good Luck and Happy Trading.

:smiley: Happy thoughts… happy thoughts… :smiley:

Good fortune! Luck, we can probably leave at the backgammon or yahtzee table, but… good fortune!

Hmmm, that sounds so familiar :). I have just been doing the same thing for the past two months. I am now refocusing on my original plan. The good news is that I started being disciplined enough to get my $$$ back so I didn’t have to learn the hard way!!

I’d wish you Luck Napolean but FX is not about luck :slight_smile: so go get em and let us know how you make out…