Sending your phone an email in MT4

How do I send my phone an email using the cowabunga indicator. I cant find where to input my phone number etc. Sorry for being a pain.


Go to tools/ options and click the email tab.
then you need to enter the setting from your email provider(google it).
I’m assuming that you already receive emails on your phone, if you don’t set it up :slight_smile:

good luck

Ac-markets will have Mt4 next month� can�t wait!!!:p:p

What is good of MT4? I go with ACM because the platform winn much awards, is adding MT4 a good thing, what will I be able to do with it that I don’t on the ACM platform. I am interested!

I am not an MT user, like you I opened with acm because of their own platform which is solid. With MT4 I understand that you are able to “trade the news” with it, think it means that the live news info comes straight into the MT platform allowing you to trade it quicker? Anyone? I know from reading around to that this is an advantage now for non US traders as they will be able to hedge with both the acm platforms.

Any idea FXJohny if the account amounts will be the same or not, ie $5,000 for standard etc.