Seriously where the bitcoin is gonna reach...2 years ago some advisers and not like Gurus said bitcoin will reach 100k

im think that it will be …time i dont know …the funny thing is that most investors like chalie munger and some others dont rely on this asset and some banks are investing on andblackrock is pushing up cause they have the most on this assets so?


There is a post on cointelegraph about this today. They predicted BTC to reach 50k-120k end of 2024. 120k being a special number for some analiststs. We can only hope for the best I guess.


Buffet and Munger don’t trust in Gold too!! Yes! they are billionaires, Yes, they are extremely successful investors, somehow they refuse to believe Gold or crypto have any value, yet there are billionaires made from those things they avoid.

No one know for sure, but the Whales control and manipulate the market as they see fit, when average investors believe it’ll go down and bet a lot on going down whales make it go up and liquidate those accounts, when average investors believe it’ll go up and bet a lot on doing up, whales make it go down and liquidate those accounts.!!!

It’s all about manipulation as far as I’ve seen.


No amount is too high, may be 100K, may be one million :grinning: speculation and demand can do crazy things.

But as I believe it will go up on the first few months and go down next few months and again go up on the last few months. It will be as always a rollacoaster…


I agree with both.

Only subjective but to me it feels like gambling, not trading.


It’s it always? whether it’s crypto, currency or commodities? people create charts and patterns and and so many “Analysis”, but if it is scientific it should always give the result shown by those things but they work out rarely and most of the times market just behave as it sees fit by the manipulation of whales. so yeah, for me it’s playing with Luck, so gambling…


That’s true but I think BTC could move above 120k USDT price mark judging by the recent happenings in the crypto industry.

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Have a listen of this podcast that has a financial advisor’s take on the things affecting adoption of the Bitcoin ETF by the financial advisor/registered investment advisors community in the US.

It’s a different take on investment advisors who have a fiduciary duty to put you into investment with your best interests in mind. If they, the advisors, don’t understand cryptocurrencies, or bitcoin for that matter, and can’t explain it to their clients, how are they going to sell them on the idea of gaining exposure to a bitcoin ETF?

Still, even if they majority of advisors don’t sell their clients on bitcoin, even with the smaller number of advisors recommending under 2% allocation of their client’s portfolio, we’re still talking estimates of $70-80 billion potentially flowing into Bitcoin ETFs in the first quarter.

That’s a ton of pressure.

Link to video: