Sessions and the best pairs

Hello, i know it comes all down to backtesting but
Can anyone help me with what are the best pairs per session, if possible multiple pairs

There isn’t a best pair for every strategy - one strategy might need a very volatile pair but that can be too risky for some traders.

But the “major pairs” usually have the narrowest spreads and require least margin - find out from your broker or your broker’s quotes which pairs they treat as majors, they don’t all count the same pairs as majors.

@tommor is right. There’s no “best” pair. It’s all about your strategy.

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For TREND traders my most consistent profitable trades were AUD/USD, USD/JPY & EUR/JPY, and AUD is very reliable with other currencies once in a trend trade movement over ALL sessions…

The rationale is that the AUD has no direct influence over USD, EUR or JPY, and JPY is a safety haven for EUR & USD.

BTW GBP/JPN is a roller coaster ride every day, and my largest loser, albeit a scalper could succeed. .

Best of luck.


The selection of currency pairs in forex trading is influenced by a number of variables, such as market conditions, trading approaches, and personal preferences.