Set Pips or Go for Broke?

Hey Guys, Do you think it’s better to aim for a set number of pips daily or just continue to place trades whenever your system gives the go-ahead signals?

Take good trades ONLY.

Goals will lead to losses as you take bad trades trying to achieve them.

Consistently following a good plan will get you far better results long term will net far better results than chasing a daily/weekly/… pip goal

Why should you limit yourself? - Go while the going is good.

Cyco, it’s a very good advice!!
Desperate to achieve goal will lead to … disaster!!
Instead I set to have 2 -3 win and max 2 lost trades per day using 1 hour timeframe

Cyco, very good advice! You see I already know this, but I wanted to pose the question just in case a noobie might be wondering the same thing.
Here’s another one… You have a good mechanical system, but you want to make it ‘smarter.’ What are some key things you could do to try and optimize it?

That all depends on what type of EA you are making. Is that a grid trader or do you follow the trend?

To tell you the truth I don’t know what a grid trader is, but I was just speaking in general. A system that uses a couple of indicators where certain conditions must be met to satisfy an entry.