Seventh of 10 Videos That I Think Will Help My Fellow Traders

Greetings my Forex trading colleagues.
Like I said, it is imperative that we experiment with a variety of strategies to see which one suits us best. We can then tweak that specific one to achieve our personal goal. That goal could be US$1.00 per day, US$100.00 per day, 1% per day, 1% per month, or whatever. Keep in mind that everyone’s starting capital will be different, ranging from US$100.00 to US$10k and more. US$1.00 per day may seem insignificant to some people but I can guarantee that it would significantly change some lives for the better if some people on here could get that US$1.00 per day.
They say that nothing is new under the sun and after creating my own strategy I was pleasantly surprised to find someone on the internet who actually does a similar thing. The only difference is that he has fine-tuned it a lot more than I.
Have a look at what this guy has to say and feel free share your opinions.

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Yes, I agree it is worth following his scalping strategy. Beware, as he says, everyday long hours scalping should be restricted as it is very wearing.

Friendly advice, try to stay away from scalping.