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This coming week, we will be expecting interest rate decision from AUD and GBP. In addition to this, we will be also expecting NFP data out on Friday!

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For this Coming week of 37, we are seeing high numbers of high impact news.

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Hey Hello all, did your managed to catch these two trade ideas (SNP 500 and Audchf) i mentioned last week on 8Oct?

upside of 3% for SNP 500

move of 2.5% down for audchf (quite a big move for currency)

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Would be interesting to see how PA unfold for USD.Today’s interest rate decision should be able to pave the direction for us to see clearer.

Sharing some of my analysis here.
With the possible holding rate for USD, and poor nfp data, seems like USD is taking a turn…


But do take note of the key support area now, bias is still on short side.
Likewise I am also bearish on GbpAud!


AN should be making a turn down, already showing signs…Watch for it.


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Could possibly form a double bottom here…or just keep crashing down…will see or react accordingly!


If usd still weakens, likely more bias to go on long on GU if it has pullbacks!


Bias to short this toppish flip on daily and h4 timeframe


potential flip down on daily and h4

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This week i have covered some pairs but the usual USD first.





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