Shadowing the Big Boys FX Analysis

Trading has always been my passion and making it something that I can do day in day out is my dream.
Couple of years ago… i did that. Never regretted.

You get the things you want in life, the freedom and the resources…

Just wanted to start this thread to share thoughts of mine on the various FX pairs.

You are free to share your feedbacks as well!




Over here I will share my postings that I did on tradingview:

I make updates on my thoughts and views of the FX market and FREE professional trading tips as well.
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Also, I will personally hand-pick FX pair I would like to share my thoughts on here:

Here are the link just in case you missed out my thread here for that particular week!

Cheers and Happy trading!


EURAUD, potential turning could be coming…

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after the aud rate, no reversal on EURAUD in sight to short…so no point countertrending

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That’s very inspiring. :blush: I’ve checked out your TradingView links and it’s nice to see you posting them here also. :blush: If you don’t mind me asking, how did you first come across forex? :smiley: What made you decide that it’s your dream?

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Hey there

Thanks for your kind words!
Was quite some time back already. Basically started off with stocks and then meddle with forex.
And afterwards its all the technical and actions of the market that made me feel connected with it.
Day in day out you will be wanting to get involved with the market.

Interesting to watch tonite (Singapore Timezone)…lets see how the flip zone pans out at 1.088
overall EU still bullish on the higher timeframe.
NFP tonite!

You might also be keen to look at AudNzd…looks good for shorting…today or days to come. [image]

NEW streams and trading ideas are up and you can check them out at both sites here:

Sharing something out of forex…on snp and nas…

could be flipping down on the h4 timeframe…do watch out the levels

Here’s my stream for this week!
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