[SHARE]Market Analyst 7.5 (Build 327) Pro (Gann Tool + Gann to Astro) (Dec

Market Analyst 7.5 (Build 327) Pro (Gann Tool + Gann to Astro) (Dec 2014)

    Market Analyst packs some of the most impressive features you will ever find in a Technical Analysis Package. A few of what we think are the best features are listed below. For a complete list of all the features and what is included in each of the two editions of Market Analyst, visit the Features List.


  1. First, install version 7.3 from folder “1_MA 7.3″

instruction for install this version inside this folder.

  1. After install version 7.3, run this software and do not update! but download all

history data! It will take some time, try open any chart.

  1. Close version 7.3 and over this version install version 7.4 from folder “2_MA 7.4″

Instruction for install this version inside.

  1. Run verion 7.4 and use it. If you something do not understand, watch my full

video demonstration in folder “Video & screenshots”. Remember, for install each version,

you muse be send me hardware ID two tomes, for install each version of MA.

If you will install version 7.4 without install 7.3 before – you will have problems –

software will crash after run it. This is why you must install version 7.3 before.

If you will have any problems – let me know, I can help install these programs

via remote desktop access. For it, go to TeamViewer – Remote Support, Remote Access, Online Collaboration and Meetings and download free software.

Install it and send me in my skype or in my email (if you make sure what I am online now)

– ID and PASS. I will login on your PC and help you install these programs.

Yah everyone give him your password so he can access your computer. Great idea, wohoo:rolleyes:(of course I’m kidding don’t do it)

what do you mind?