Share Your Trading Desk Setup

Let’s Share our trading desk setups and discuss how you organized your trading around it.

Here is my triple monitor trading setup,

First, for charting I use Tradingview. it has lots of built-in features. Since my trading frequency is a little high, I use trading multi-chart layout to monitor multiple pairs at once.

In fact, I use Tradinview multi-chart option for free. Learn how to use Tradingview multi-chart layout for free.

Next, for trade execution, I use Metatrader 4 (MT4) - default trading platform that every broker offers.

I’m a student. I study software engineering while trading forex full-time. Also, I’m a blogger.

So as you guys can see, I’m putting all the charts on the right-side monitor. This monitor is for monitoring charts only.

Currently, I keep two things on the left-side monitor.

  • Metatrader 4 (MT4) for the execution of trades. And,
  • My Trade Journal

Whenever there is a trading opportunity on the Right-side Monitor, I opened MT4 on the left-hand monitor for executions.

Just like every time a trade closes, I open my trade journal and record it there. Just like that, I keep it all in a well-organized way.

That helps me to stay focus throughout the day.

As a conclusion,

Trading screen setup does not make you a profitable trader, A trading plan, proven trading strategy and risk/money management combine with good emotional intelligence is what makes you a profitable trader.

Wow! That looks pretty decent. It is good to see that you are so organised and goal oriented. Your desk looks amazing.

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