Sharing my MT4 strategy & set up - Elliot Waves, Fib levels, Support & Resistance, MACD

Hi guys,

I’ve been reading Babypips for a while now and wanted to give my little participation to this forum.

I’ve developed my day/swing trading strategy based on the Elliott waves, Fib levels, a trend indicator (MACD), and overbuy/oversold zones.

Day trading when I’m trading on 15M TF and swing when I’m using the 1H TF (I always use the 15MIN to enter, however, some positions can length for a week or more as I exit on H1).

Actually the all strategy is very simple, we’ve got everything on the chart and we look for the new big trend coming up. The bonus is when we are breaking a trendline, which not happens every time.

I enter a trade when:
-1 We need to be at the end of a trend, symbolized by the Elliott wave numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5), so I take position only on numbers 0 and 2.
-2 An arrow must appear.
-3 The trend indicator must be in the right direction (green for long, red for short). The trend indicator is only a MACD restyled.
-4 The price must be close to an overbought/oversold signal (the channel on the screen).

One of the most important indicators is the trend one, if it does not confirm the new trend, I do not take the position.

Also, the TPs are indicated on the screen based on the Fib projections.

Here are


You can download everything here:

Hope you enjoy it!

If you start using it, please, share your thoughts!

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I put your indicators on my chart. It seems very promising, but the JBR trend indicator refused installing, I do not know why!. If you can help me plz. do or tell me the figures of MACD to use instead

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im having the same problem, i open the indicator and its blank, no lines no nothing, just a empty window

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thv-trix-v-6-01-indicator.ex4 (15.0 KB)
can give you a better indicator