SHIBA INU Price Gone parabolic

Does anyone think SHIB is really killing Doge
Source : Coinpedia

The market caps between the two are night and day. $50 billion versus less than $4 billion. With Dogecoin getting listed on Coinbase Pro, and with the help of Musk, Dogecoin will remain ahead of SHIB. But SHIB is linked to DOGE in similar price movements, so I would say what’s good for DOGE is good for SHIB.

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Still, DOGE has the benefit of being easier to buy and sell by US traders, with SHIB not listed on any major US exchanges. US traders could onramp using Coinbase/Gemini/kraken and then transfer some other currency to Kucoin. But that’s a lot of hassle when something like Robinhood lets you click and buy, like Coinbase.