Short Eur/USD!

Daily Chart – EUR/USD

LONG or SHORT: Short

Conservative Approach, very short term trade - this is merely range trading
Entry price - 1.328-29
SL - 1.3330 for about 40-50 pips
Target - 1.32 for about 80-90 pips
R:R - 2 - 1


Aggressive Approach also a long term trade - this is trend/counter-trend following
Entry Price - 1.313 this is breakout of this range days
SL - 1.333 for 200 pips
Target - 1.27 for 400 pips
R:R - 2 - 1

Trade rationale: Trend is up, however it has just touched a major resistance area. Also, 3 indicators are all showing bearish divergence with the price showing a new high but a lower high on three indicators! Stoch is overbought, rsi just reached 70 and turning down, all indicates a perfect shorting opportunity.

The conservative approach most likely will make it, as for the aggressive approach, you have to make sure once you get like 50 pips your way, move your stop to breakeven, and set trailing stops after that to protect your profits, as you reached the mid point for about 200 pips, you reduce half of your positions then leave the other half open with trailing stops
how tight of your trailing stops depends on your approach + style.

Make sure you follow risk management to not risk more than 2% per trade!
Also no trade is 100% correct, but with proper setup + risk/reward + trade management, odds will be in your favor in the long run!

Good Luck trading!

Conservative approach already hit target
now waiting for my aggressive approach to fully work out, i have already moved stop loss to break even

trade is closed…market is undecided right now perhaps a bit bullish