Short-term system for part-time trading

I’ve been studying mid to long-term systems for over a year now and I’m still not profitable so I’m going to try my luck at short term trading.

Can anyone recommend the best ‘type’ of strategy and timeframes for trading in the evenings when I get home from work? I’ve done some research and it appears most people use the MacD and RSI indicators. Anyone had any experience with these?

In principle that sounds like a pretty compelling reason to avoid them, doesn’t it, given how successful “most people” are? :wink:

From what I have noticed, it seems the majority of people who are struggling are usually saying the opposite: that they find short-term trading too erratic/intensive/volatile etc, and are moving towards longer term trading.

Perhaps it might help to first tell about your methods and experiences in more detail and see if anyone can help you with those before abandoning the long-term entirely. I think there are quite many people here that trade that way.

Just a thought…

When you say evening , are we talking US eastern time. If so that would put in in the Asian session. On a positive note FXCM has done research that shows short term traders do better during the Asian session then during the more volatile NY/London session. If this is the route you want to go then you will be looking for a range bound strategy, trading on 5 or 1 min chart. don’t expect big moves, you will likely be looking for 5 to 10 pips a trade. Make sure you have an account that offers tight spreads 1 to2 pips max, you can’t trade this way if the broker is taking 5 pips from the start.