Short time price analysis

Hello, I have reviewed your Forex school, I congratulate you in my heart for your efforts and efforts. I may have missed it while reading or I may not have seen it, I’m sorry in advance. I do short-term intraday trading on forex. For a short-term buy and sell signal. Is EMA used with SMA. Or is it EMA EMA what are the settings that should be in 5 minutes15 and 30 minutes. Knit SMA 100 EMA 5 mi EMA 5 EMA 5 mi which one should I choose for the short term trend. Whichever else I use to determine short-term buy and sell is appropriate Macd Ichimoku. I will be glad if you give brief information when you are suitable

The settings to use for EMA (Exponential Moving Average) and SMA (Simple Moving Average) technical indicators will depend on your trading strategy, timeframe, and market conditions.

For short-term trading, such as day trading or scalping, traders may use a shorter period for their moving averages, such as a 5 or 10-period EMA or SMA. For longer-term trading, such as swing trading or position trading, traders may use longer periods, such as a 50 or 200-period EMA or SMA.