Short USD/JPY 1H
Entry point: 97.55
Stop loss: 98.00
Profit target: 96.80
Trade explanation:

Im sorry for my english but is not my first language and I dont know if it`s very corect how i wright.

At this 15min chart every pivot point level become rezistence so I think i will jump in when the 97.61 level will bounce the price.

The 7, 20 and 65 SMA show me that a down trend is there and the ADX show clear that there is a trend.

MACD show me on the 4H chart that the pricde will go down.

Were you able to take the short? If you did, you’re probably rolling in pips right now… Great idea!

I entered short at 97.70 and i was moving the stop loss so my position closed at 97.40. Now Im looking at the chart and Im happy. :smiley:

Good job. I’m currently looking at USD/JPY now and it’s just above 98.00. I’m looking to short this pair once it breaks below 98.00 again! Thoughts?

Just curious! Why do you use the 7, 20, and 65 SMA?

To spot the trend. If the SMA’s compress together and begin to fan out and the 7 period SMA fans out on top of the 20 period SMA, and the 20 SMA on top of the 65 SMA, then price is trending up. If the 7 period SMA fans out below the 20 period SMA, and the 20 SMA is below the 65 SMA, then price is trending down.

I am thinking to wait till tuesday for watching the fundamentals on usd. I`m thinking also to take the short trade and the entry point will be 97.75 below the fib and pivot point levels and to see if it will break the support of 50EMA and what will show the macd. Stop loss:98.35 Take profit:97.10

(I think is important to watch closely the Syrian problem and if the problem will be solved in a diplomatic way as I expect I think I gonna try to spot long trade indicators for a long time trading idea.)