Shorting eur/usd

I wonder whose loss that will be?

Oh my, if I would write now what goes through my head I would be banned, so I do this: :40:

The only response to hit a woman with her own weapons. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun. If you go short, you must have a big pocket imho.

Ehm, regarding what’s left, that’s probably better to discuss with your hairdresser, right?

In my experience, quite often in life people who start a sentence with ‘with all due respect’ then go on to show anything but.

You accuse others of sarcasm when actually you lean pretty heavily on that yourself.

And you have airbrushed history a little - yes you asked a question, yes PPF’s initial response was flippant - but the mood on here soured when you suddenly went off at a bizarre tangent into accusations of sexism. For me, your original question was fair enough - which is why I gave my considered view on it - but the tone of your subsequent posts has me wishing I had not bothered.

Even this last post of yours seeks to play the sexism card - where is that coming from?! Some of the best traders on here are women, many of us on here lead ‘untraditional’ lifestyles without adhering to some of society’s more outdated views on gender stereotyping - indeed, that is a major reason why some of us, myself included, got into trading in the first place.

So if you find someone unpleasantly sarcastic, by all means call them on it. But please don’t accuse members of an established community of being sexist based on no evidence whatsoever. Maybe we just disagreed with you because we disagreed with you, not because your reproductive organs are on the inside rather than the outside? That would seem, on the face of it, a far more likely explanation. You said that you thought you had hit a nerve with PPF, but it appears that you are the one with an irrational sensitivity.

I don’t entirely agree with PPF that you got off on the wrong foot, but I certainly think that through your subsequent posts you have ensured that you leave on it.


probably yours…when people take a look at your mentality…and wether they want to buy your products…

Oh hang on, wait a moment, last word and all that.

It’s just a shame that Sweet Pip is not here to comment, a highly respected female within our community and certainly has one the best forum decorums around, and I would back any call to have an FX-Women Honorary member status.

Oh… you totally did… You didn’t ask a question, if anything you put it in a more arrogant manner than any of us answerred you with. Then for you to PMS all over our answers wasn’t necessary at all.

Trust me I’m not sexist, I feel genders are treated equal. With that said, I’m not about to worship women. Men and women are equal. Get over the misandry feeling. I would have treated a [I]fellow[/I] male individual the same way had he acted like that - actually I’d give him worse if anything.

Oh my, what do they teach these days in school? Well I strongly disagree! There [U][B]is[/B][/U] still a physiological difference what can’t be covered by gender mainstreaming, lol. :13:

Absolutely, and a large psychological difference, no better, no worse, just different, there will always probably be more compassionate woman, and more aggressive men, and there will always be exceptions, there will always be more men car mechanics than women, I don’t see anything bad in all that, I think everyone is entitled to be equally different!

OMG, politics, now we will fall out!!!

I do believe this is a newbie forum and the origonal post is valid. I also believe that all the comments posted (that are not flames) are valid as well. Sometimes when a kid falls you have to let them cry and pick themselves up, sometimes you have to use empathy, sometimes you have to scold and say, “WHERE YOU WATCHING YOUR STEP”, sometimes you have to spank them because they left their rollerscate out and they tripped over it. What is correct here? I think there is a lesson in each one and that is what we see here.

I don’t think that the problem here stems from the original question asked, but rather from the bizarrely defensive and unwarranted accusation of sexism that followed when it became clear that not everyone agreed with OP’s view.

I was thinking of it this way, you walk into a room of traders men or women, you’re totally new, you know nothing about trading and you say I’m going to go short on X for the next 2 weeks, at best you would get ignored, at worst you’d be laughed out of the room.

PPF please don’t become defensive now, lol. You did nothing wrong imho. I know we are all sometimes not that gentle as somebody might expect, but that’s real life. In fact I think those who play the victim role quick are too many these days. Whenever somebody doesn’t agree in a factual sense some ppl start crying, blame the opponent below the belt line and show with that who they really are. Not a victim, but an offender, who just tries to turn the roles. A TROLL! What is the female accusation of troll btw.? Trolley? LOL!

I see it like the majority here, the issues arised with a sexist fundamental feminist statement without any reason. I mean if “Now let me think, um, No!” already makes somebody feel insulted, then I’d ask that person to look what is wrong with reception. It had nothing to do with gender or insulting. It was just an opinion.

Do you know what actually ticks me off beyond belief? It’s the stream of newbies coming to this forum. Not newbies in general but the mentality of these newbies have changed from when first started posting. Newbies before, would come to learn, asked geniune questions and all around good people. I enjoyed talking to them and sharing ideas.

In the last couple a months a bunch of new members come expecting someone to just feed them what they feel is right. They ask dumb questions, or ask state questions that make themselves seem like tough sht, make arrogant comments, and all around annoying. And it angers me alot. They don’t have any respect when comes to asking for help, it’s almost as if we OWE them something.
As an example, you don’t just come to a community and say “Give me this indicator”. Seriously, be polite when you’re asking question. I know for a fact I don’t owe anyone on this forum sh
t. I share and contribute because I like to and I find it enjoyable to help newer traders get their grasp on things.

I’m sure you can tell from the way I reply to people now just how much it p*sses me off and I do apologize to some of the older members that have realized how my replies have become more “troll-ish”.

If you’rw a new member looking to learn or contribute, great, by all means come and ask questions and be feel welcomed. Don’t be an egomaniac acting like your trying to make up for something. Simply put, you make a fool out of yourself. Other people might not have said what I just said, but I’m sure some of them are thinking the same thing (in fact I know a few are on the same page as me).

judith, the wisdom of many vets is gold. And they know it’s gold, so they sprinkle a little $hit on it knowing the poor newbie will have to wipe it off to get to the gold. The smart newbie will endure this and win the gold. :slight_smile:

I am always in a constant, personal debate whether to provide a snarky quip, or try to teach something. I usually opt for the latter. but, since it seems our original poster seems to have moved on to other “less serious/softer/whatever” pastures, I’ll say what I could have choosen to say yesterday:

"No… I mean…I see what your saying. looks like it’s going to hell in a handbasket, that eur/usd. heck, this is basically a sure thing. Tell you what, if your REALLY smart…you’ll put as much money as you can find into this bet. because hey…it’s a sure thing right?

So might as well double down on it. And oh… by the way, because you and everyone else is thinking this, I’m so long I can see the airplanes up here. Thanks for the liquidity! I"ll send u a postcard from the vacation in fiji you bought me!


P.S. When you lose this first investment… just dismiss it because of some “uncontrollable, non-logical, one time crazy occurance”… and then RELOAD please. Borrow if u have to. but please raise that capital. Fiji gets lonely without me there year round."

P.P.S. Had a few trades yesterday, long european currencies, short the dollar. I made money. Thanks Judith!

I really wouldn’t like to put all my eggs in the long EURO basket, we could well be into Autumn 2008 territory, when nothing on this planet could make it go up, so anyone thinking of the longs, yes it looks like that, but it could easily fall another few hundred pips or more and just keep stopping those longs out time and time again, so longs are looking right, but be very very cautious.

Oh for the love of god, don’t you think you’ve squeezed enough mileage out of this by now?
I’m sure everyone gets the message including the op.
Give it a rest already.

Wow…ok, just read through this thing again. I gotta say, I’m honestly proud to be a contributing member to this place, because of the level of honesty, knowledge, willingness to share, and intelligence that most of the regulars here seem to have.

I think i would “like” about 80% of the comments here.

And in my slightly younger days, I would have been bothered by such ignorance of the OP’s sexist comment, and wonder how these types of people are even around inthe world these days, and what could be done to eradicate such silly thinking…

That being said, and in the vein of honesty I’m gonna share what I REALLY think of these types today:

I wish there were a LOT more of them. ANd I mean lots. like… droves, gobs, tonnes, whatever. just give me MORE DARNIT!

Oh… and one more thing. Make sure [I]every single one of them is introduced to the forex markets[/I], or heck, ANY capital market. I don’t care which. if they all decide to trade the Goldmans agricultural fixed income fund, then great. I’M THERE!

More foolish, emotionally reactive, narrowminded, stubborn individuals is exactly what MY BANK ACCOUNT NEEDS MORE OF.

So. come all, and come all. Rather than curse your existance, I am now ETERNALLY GRATEFUL. For it is folks like you who literally pay for every single aspect of my life, give me a career, and make my neighbors jealous that I make twice what they make, and I make it in my underwear from my couch at home.


Oh, hi again Judith!