Shorting Stocks

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I have been researching into shorting stocks i heard many people shorted Apple from January 2022 and did well out of this. I kindly wondered please what you look for to short a stock, is this weak financials, or something in a previous earnings report that might pipe interest? Further is there anything in the charts, certain levels of volumes, the chart moving below certain moving averages that might help indicate a share is good to short please? I would be very thankful for any advice anyone can give please, it would mean the world to me.

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All of the technical analysis on this site is derived from stock trading, so that’s a good place to start.

As for people shorting it, the reasons will be to do with an end to bumper profits when everybody was trapped inside with nothing to do during covid lockdowns, an inflated price and the pressure on people’s spending power with rising energy costs. The Russian war has turbo charged us towards a recession, and there’s very little central banks can do to stop it.

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Thank you very much for responding chesterjohn, i really appreciate the time you have taken to leave your thoughts, that is very kind of you.

I appreciate your comments regarding people shorting a share and as you mentioned there is many good reasons such as an end to bumper profits, an inflated price and the pressure on people’s spending power with rising energy costs. Can i kindly ask briefly looking at volumes and chart data, would for instance when a stock goes below its 200 day moving average be a sign a stock is entering a downtrend please? Is there anything further of importance in the technicals that could signal a stock is about to enter a downtrend please, that supports the fundamental research such as an end to bumper profits?

Thank you very much for your support it really means alot and i am forever grateful. Take care and hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

Hello you amazing and kind people, i do hope you are doing well. If anyone kindly had any thoughts on the above i would be forever grateful even if its only a few sentences. I am just kindly looking for indicators on the price/volume action that could indicate a stock is heading for a downtrend please? Thank you so very much.