Should I be brave when trading?

Sometimes people need to be brave when doing a job. Maybe sometimes just self-confidence isn’t enough. Acting courageously in a controlled way can move us forward. Also in life. It seems that we need to be brave enough not to put our minds and opinions on the line while trading in the market. So what do you think?

I am not sure the words brave and courageously have much to do with trading psychology.

Decisive may be a better word. To be decisive when a trade set up corresponds to your trading plan, and you know that following the plan results in outcomes that are more likely than not to result in a profit. Some people may refer to that as “having the courage of our convictions”, but it should be based on statistical evidence of past success, not on being brave or courageous.


You need to be somehow brave, to face your fears related to trading.
From risk perspective, you should not feel brave :slight_smile: In the perfect state, taking even large risk, which is in line with the plan and your statistical expectation, should be mentally effortless like going for a walk or eating breakfast.
Apart of decisiveness I would say this is more of a self control/awareness than bravery. And it’s true, that also in life we need to have good distinction between facts/opinions. And forex forums are full of opinions pretending to be facts :slight_smile:


its a fine reply with good information , got some fine lines. have a very good journey