Should I buy the dip?

The dip experienced by BTC which is largely attributed to a loss of confidence in the crypto market amid economic pressures around the world brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and post Covid lockdowns is alarming.
But my question is;
Will the dip continue or will there be a rise soon?
I need serious answers please because am seriously considering buying this dip, so will this be the right time to buy?

No one knows. :thinking:

That is the million dollar question. Literally.

It will likely rise with the market, and right now we’re in a bear market. It won’t last forever.

Personally, I’m staying away from bitcoin and watching SPX500.

If history repeats itself, follow the bearish trend until it reverses. Buying the dip is like a supermarket offering a sale price, which is the incorrect way to trade financial markets.

IMO, I cannot see any upward movement until Putin is exterminated.

This is funny, but true. I mean I might have to take the advice because I don’t want the heartache I went through last year.

So you are simply saying the dip will continue from the look of things. I think Elon Musk has a role to play too in the recent dip experienced, am just saying though.