Should i change my stop loss [SL] broker policy?

Hello, i’ve notiiced that some pairs go around 10 pip + SPREAD in weekends and opening market.
that said, i would like your view
if i have multiple orders open with SL X and friday to monday the broker put the spread very high (ie;Oanda)
lose it all or maybe i change SL to be safe ?
thank you

Well, that depends. Will you be more profitable when you change your SL or not?

When you work with an EA you may consider compensating by taking the Median price and a software SL. But if you trade manually I think that you either have to widen your SL or not trading over the weekend.

That means your SL is too close to price.

Usually it’s always best to have stop loss in place, but if your lot size is small then you can leave it out and close the order manually. Experiment, see what fits and makes you feel comfortable.