Should I Choose STP or ECN (TurnkeyForex) Crypto

So I was torn between Coinexx and TurnkeyForex (I am in the USA). On TurnkeyForex, when you create an account they ask if you want ECN or STP. I read up and have a basic understanding on the difference in that STP their commission is built into the spread and ECN it’s $1 per lot. I’ll be trading mostly in 0.1 lots increments with intraday trading holding for long term (trading crypto) most of the porfolio and ocassionally taking profit and buy on dips, so no frequent trading/scalping.

What do people recommend I choose, ECN or STP? It seems with infrequent trading there’s not going to be a significant long-term difference in cost, so I guess maybe there are other differences that make one better over the other for my style of trading?

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Well, that depends on what you are interested in. I like to trade using the STP account because the brokers offer easy and quick order execution. But it becomes an issue because he can trade against you. But when you are using the ECN account, you won’t be worried about your broker trading against you and that’s the best part according to me.