Should I go live?

Hi Guys
Over the last 5 months I have been demo trading my own method, and I would like to ask you if I should go live. Here are some of he results:

Pair: Eurusd
Timeframe: 1min
Trades: 600
Profit Factor: 1.45
Profit: 25%
Drawodown: 7%

Thanks for your help!

That sounds quite good, but even if you do go live I’d recommend to invest a small amount of money first and trade with small lots for a while, and if you see that things are going well you could move to a larger account.

Do it bro, but agree with mlawson71. Start small and learn the only way, by losing money. If you make a bit add a bit more. Get a bit better add some more.

Best of luck on your journey bro


If it was manual trading, then yes you can start trading live with a small (<$100) account and see how you do the next couple of months.

If this is a backtest, or expert advisor result, then no, i would not suggest to go live, as the 1min timeframe is tricky to trade live. You could have missed a lot of important factors.

If this would be your first time live, expect a lot of emotional impact (stress) from the 1min timeframe. And you could expect different results. Maybe try some Monte Carlo simulation on your statistics to calculate your worst case scenarios.

Good luck :23:

Yes I think we can go live if we look giood performance in demo account, but still consider with risk in frex trading so only use money that afford to lose, because sometime different treat demo account and real account, it’s about psychology in trading, if we ready use one hundred dollar some broker offer low deposit

You have to eventually, right?
So, start small and journal every decision you make.

Yes, you should definitely go live.
I just want to give you some heads up: Start with a small amount of money on a small trading account (micro).
I will encourage you to try your trading method here, just be very careful with your risk management. Usually, trading methods developed on a demo trading will not work on a live trading. But even if it doesn’t work you can just start all over again with a developing of another trading method, this time on your small live trading account.

I think if you even have to ask a question like this then you shouldnt go live.

A trader knows best for his time to go to live trading however guiding others is a good thing. In m opinion a trader should work for several months in demo trading using all techniques as analysis, risk management and control of emotions in trading . After it they can do live trading with confidence when they are enough experience on above qualities.

That’s one way of looking at it, I suppose. It’s logical - a trader knows their own level of confidence better than anyone else. If they’re feeling confident, they will go live. Still, it’s better to be cautious and not to take any unnecessary risks.

Start with smaller lots first and as your equity increases you can scale up. But don’t get greedy from the start; keeping your funds safe is more important at this point.

Your demo trading experience is quite enough, you should start your real trading and should use the EUR/USD currency pair but rest of the decision you should take according to the scenario, never take the huge risk in order to get the fruitful result from this business.

I trade in both demo and live and the main difference is of psychological factor. the psychology and the mind set is completely different when you trade in demo or live. You are ready to book losses when you trade live however in demo you are ready to wait. in live you book even smaller profits but in demo you wait more. So trade calmly according to your strategies keeping a keen watch and i would also advice that you start with small amount

Will better if we trade in real account, which it will develop good psychology trading because this is already using real money and this will very affected to our minds and usually will fear losing money and sometime greedy because over confident

Can you share your own Demo trading method?

I agree on general principle, but still, demo accounts are very useful for newbies. One can’t start right away with real money, that’s just throwing them to the wind.

Definitely go live, start small first. As mentioned in others replies, you will learn along the way my friend :slight_smile:

It is enough, 5 months are too enough for demo trading, only 2 months are sufficient for getting practice on demo account. My opinion is that you should start your real trading and if you perform demo trading sincerely then surely you can earn in real trading.

Very useful for nwwbie to practice use demo account, because still lack in experience and will good if they can treat demo seriously, learn to discipline using system trading and also money maagement and risk management, at least six month might berter than only a month

If you know to your self that you learn and practice a lot and can make good and effective work in forex, so be it go and use live account, but remember that you need to be more careful this time, your now in the serious account. manage everything especially your funds so you can avoid loss that can destruct you from having good trading and earning.