Should investors need to worry about Biden’s Tax plan?

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Should investors need to worry about the Biden tax plan?

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The investors are the last people who should be worried. It is those who live hand to mouth that need to be worried the most. After the stealth tax of inflation, the prices will rise but the wages will not. For the investor, he/she can always choose various tax efficient alternatives, or at the extreme, decide to emigrate to a jurisdication that has less steep taxes.


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You should worry ONLY if you are earning over $1M (as per

If you are not, your taxes will not be directly affected.

Options are a true luxury.

I somewhere feel that, it is going to impact the investors as well. A person can only invest if he has a good share of unused income and with all the propositions that the US government is imposing, investments will be discouraged owing to the additional burden of taxes being levied.

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Yes I agree with you @john.steven

Definitely. I guess some investors will move to China or Europe. Dark Ages incoming for America.