Should we must learn about forex market?

i agree, learning is most important thing to do before you enter forex trading so you have knowledge on how the market flow so you can create effective strategy that can help you get good results from your trades.

Studies need to constantly. Anytime and anywhere. And yet, do not waste time.

Yes we should .

You need to reply to [B]this post[/B], Fiona, before anyone who knows anything much is going to take your questions seriously. Actually, reading that thread (which you started) might help you to appreciate the feelings of your fellow-members about your threads.

Quite right, Lexy!!


Yes learning is very important . We should not start forex without knowledge and practice .It is risky business can effect out amount any time .We should know the ways how to tackle with different market situations.

Learning is the first thing we should do before entering here in this kind of business, Knowledge is what we need to create effective plans for profitable trading.