Shout out from the Western Cape South Africa

Hi there to you all,:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

To be honest, I am completely fresh at this and started BabyPips yesterday.
It was advised by a good friend and am extremely excited by this, just finished the preschool of Pipsology.

Anyway, hope you all have a great day ahead!



Greetings from KZN Durban, I hope you come right in your trading endeavors, I’ve sent you a PM.

Best Regards

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Welcome HenBaa, and good luck to you.

Hey, do bear in mind most of the world doesn’t know much about life in SA but its a country with such an interesting and globally relevant history, so you might want to occasionally post up a few anecdotes or details…

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Dear Tommor,

If I find some time after mastering the FOREX, I might do that! :wink:


Dear Josh,

Thanks for the reply and PM, I am a complete starter in this and need to study hard for now!

Will contact you definitely in due time,


Welcome to babypips @HenBaa! Hope you have a great weekend. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @CoinLady,

Have a nice weekend too!

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Hello @HenBaa! Welcome and congratulations on finishing the Pre-School level! Are you enjoying the School of Pipslogy so far? :slight_smile:

Good luck and see you around!

Thanks @beamax023 ,

Getting the hang of it I guess? at middle school now! Grade 7, (we grow up so quick, don’t we)

Oh wow. I’m guessing you must have finished the whole course already. :grin: