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Thanks yohec…this is very helpful…i’m getting ready to try Al Tareeq service…i think if I can consistently get 500 pips a month…I’ll be able to grow my account substantially over 2 years.

I wanted to try their service…but they do not take paypal or any other convenient way for payment…just a bank wire…it seemed too cumbersome…I would rather use a signal provider with traditional method of payment.

Another way to automatically trade is through PAMM accounts…do you have any experience with them… has just 8 signal providers that you can tie your account to theirs…however you have to open up an account through them …they are IB.

No, PAMM accounts do not interest me. I’m just going to continue working with the providers I’m already subscribed. As long as I can continue making enough profit to pay the monthly fees, I’ll continue using them.

Has anyone any experience with BK forex?

Hi FX Al Tareeq, I’m interested to try your forex signal after reading yohec post, but a visit to the website does make me doubtful. Can you PM me the details for subscription? Thanks!

beetlez…I wouldn’t trust anyone’s track record…the only real way to know for sure is to try it out.
I like Al Tareeq’s track record and I’ll give his signals a try starting next week. will keep you posted.

Following is a brief summary of what happened during Week 2.

DD Markets: 0 new signals.
Current open positions - 0
Did not hear from them all week. Did not reply to e-mails. Not sure if they are having technical difficulties or any other problems. I hope they continue their signal service. A real shame because they have been very profitable for me over the past 5 months.

FX Al Tareeq: 0 new signals.
Current open positions - 0
He has introduced another trading system which is a scalping/daytrading system which he reports good profits. You can go to his site if you want to learn more. I only follow longer term swing trades.

DRFX: 0 new signals.
Current open positions - 0
No signals yet but he does e-mail a daily update on the pairs that are getting near a signal.

Ashraf Laidi: 2 new signals opened.
5 positions closed - 4 wins, 1 loss.
Current open positions - 2
One of the positions I closed on Friday before it reached TP or before he instructed to close so it is still open to him. I decided to take a 287 pip profit on that one. I probably should have stayed in the trade and trust his decision. He has been spot on so far. But I’m not going to cry over a 287 pip winner.

yohec thanks for posting your recent trading experiences with these signal providers.

I am also a DDMarkets subscriber and hope they have just been suffering technical difficulties. I look forward to them posting their Sunday update.

Based on your experience I have subscribed to FX Al Tareeq and Asraf Laidi and will post my trading experiences so we can compare.

I reviewed the information in your website showing results for January 2016. You made 41 trades in 10 days and your average winner is 23 pips. Your system seems to be a scalping or daytrading type of system based on small time frame charts.

I am only interested in swing trading based mainly on daily and weekly charts. Maybe someone else is interested in evaluating your system and posting results.

When was that position taken, how many days did it take to reach 287 pips.

The signal to enter the trade was given the day before on Thursday morning about 2 hours before the New York open. So I had the position open for about 36 hours.

Most of the trades remain open for more than 1 week. This trade should still be open but I got out early. I have one trade that has been open since December 16.

since Dec. 16 wow…is he aiming for 1000 pip move? mentioned in your other post about Al Tareeq coming up wth a scalping system…I didn’t see it on his site. Just wanted to check it out…i do fine scalping myself just don’t have enough time for that.

The 16-Dec trade has been going sideways. At one point it was down by 200 pips and I thought it would get stopped out but it came back. Right now it is in small profit.

Al Tareeq talks about his new system in his thread. It is also in his website in the “Forums” section. He doesn’t call it a scalping system but that is what it sounds like to me. Maybe “daytrading” is more appropriate.

Update on this trade. The pair gapped when the market opened on Sunday evening, so I re-entered half of my position at 70 pips better price than what I sold.

I just joined BK Forex since end Jan 2016, so far I’ve been losing big time!

I do the big trades with them, not the day trading stuff.

The good thing about them is there are daily webinar by Boris and/or Kathy.

They talked about the game plan for the week and show charts and explaining which pairs to go for/plan to go for.

The second communication channel is done via slack, its a platform for chatroom. Members can input there views, there are specific channels for Kathy to post the big trade signals and another channel for Boris to post the day trading signals.

I’m quite happy in how they operate, but not happy with the trades I do with them so far.

Maybe too early to tell, just 2 weeks with them.

I agree that 2 weeks is too soon to judge how good they are. I think 2 to 3 months should give you a good idea of what to expect. I was doing great with Laidi all December and the first 2 weeks of this year. The last 2 weeks were not so good.

I looked through the BK Forex website today. They showed a list of of 28 recent trades. The highest winning trade was 87 pips. I was expecting to see some larger winners for the big trades. By comparison, my average winner with Laidi since December has been over 200 pips.

BK Forest offers a 1 week trial for $59. If you start seeing some good results I may give it a try. Whenever you get some time, you should check out Laidi’s site. He offers a 1 week free trial. You can at least see what the open trades are and the reason for taking the trades. He also provides videos several times per week to explain what he sees in the markets.

One more thing about big trades with BK Forex that I do not like is that when they give out the signals, they only mention the strike price and the SL, there is no mention on the TP.

I kind of miss DD Markets signals where they give a simple explanation why they are going with the trade and giving us clear strike price, SL and TP. And they even inform of possible negative price points.

How is Laidi signal like? Does he includes the TP as well? Does he change his signal after issuing them?

I agree, the big trades at BK is somewhat low in terms of pips count, I’m happy to hear that you can get 200 pips with Laidi. I’m thinking of switching over to Laidi once I’m “done” with BK Forex.

How about Al Tareeq, what’s your take on his signals?

Laidi provides both SL and TP. They are usually 200 to 400 pips. Most of the time he will issue instructions to close the trade when it is deep in profit before it hits TP. He does this when he thinks the trade has run its course and is likely to turn around. His signal alerts can come at any time of day or night. A few have come in while I sleep but it has not been a problem.

Al Tareeq was very profitable the last few months of 2015. This year not as much. But I think this year has been a bit tough on everyone. I’m signed up until the end of this month so I’ll see how it goes.

thanks for the feedback.
seriously considering Laidi.
Still can’t get over the big losses I had with BK Forex, sigh… especially on the first 2 weeks of sign up.

For the same price as BK Forex you can subscribe to both Laidi and FX Al Tareeq, LOL.

If I had started with Laidi 2 weeks ago, I would have been very disappointed. Fortunately I started at the beginning of December which turned out to be a good month. Same with FX Al Tareeq which I had a good November and December.

When I subscribed to the signal services I committed to myself to give each one at least 2 month period before I decide to drop them. Even the best can have a bad run.