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I am currently too busy with my new job, and I’m looking for a good signal provider, anyone here using signal providers…i found pipsar which can be tracked on myfxbook…their performance sounds too good to be true…approx 150 to 200 pips a day!

any help is appreciated.

I was thinking about opening a thread to share feedback on signal providers. This new thread might be a good place for that.

I have used DD Markets since August 2015 and I am very happy with them. They send out alerts for swing trades. They provide good detailed explanation for entering the trade and the reasoning for their SL and TP targets. They also provide updates while the trade is open. They will take partial profits over several days. Trades usually stay open from 5 to 15 days, sometimes longer.

I also use Ashraf Laidi for signals. You can Google his name to find his website. You have to subscribe to his Premium content to get the signals. They are also for swing trading. I only started using this service at the start of December 2015 and I am highly impressed. He also provides detailed explanations for his entries. I think you can sign up for a 1 week free trial and check it out.

I am also currently subscribed to FX Al Tareeq signal service. I am still evaluating but I like what I see so far.

I’ve seen a couple of other threads in this forum about specific signal providers. I follow the Dux Forex Signal Service thread out of curiosity mainly. I subscribed to them for 1 month but it did not fit my style.

There is also a thread on DD Markets but not a whole lot of detail.

It is difficult to have a good thread about a signal service because you can’t discuss the signals as they come out. You can only discuss the trades after they are closed.

What I’m hoping for is to be able to discuss how the service provider works. For example, are their trades long and medium term swing trades or are they usually daytrading type trades. I personally prefer longer term trades based on daily and weekly charts. This is why I like the services I’ve mentioned.


I’m interested to know how you fare with Ashraf’s signals - it bugs me why a man of his stature would sell signals for $90/month when he could manage accounts and make much more money for the same work.

Do you mean these guys ? About US FXAlTareeq Forex Trading How did you even find these obvious scammers ?:eek:

I never heard of Ashraf Laidi until I saw his name in a thread on this forum. In December I made 1400 pips profit on 9 wins and 3 losses so I hope he keeps it going. The profits I made pay the subscription for more than 1 year.

I heard about FX AL Tareeq from a thread he has in this forum: 301 Moved Permanently
In a little over 2 months I opened and closed 7 trade recommendations with 5 wins and 2 losses for a total profit of almost 500 pips. I’ve been trading small positions and I haven’t made my final evaluation on this service but so far my impression is positive. I’m going to continue for another couple of months before I make my final decision on this one.

Thanks…FX Al Tareeq looks interesting…please keep us updated on your results. Ideally I would like to trade off the daily charts…lowest stress and most gain IMHO

The FOMC minutes will be coming up in 15 minutes.

Current Open Positions:
Ashraf Laidi 5
DD Markets 0
FX Al Tareeq 0

I’ll see what happens after the FOMC minutes.

For obvious reasons, I can’t say which pairs are currently open.

I also signed up with DRFX Swing Trading. I have not received any signals yet.

I just got a signal from DD Markets.

Current Open Positions:
Ashraf Laidi - 5
DD Markets - 1
FX Al Tareeq - 0
DRFX - 0

The signal I just received from DD Markets is to go long on the same pair that Laidi signaled to go short yesterday. So I am holding a long and a short on the same pair.

I was prepared for something like this. I’m trading each signal service on a separate account. So it won’t be a problem holding multiple positions on the same pair.

Hello @yohec thank you for being one of my subscribers and members on my forum. I’ve noticed that you said that you almost made a profit of 500 pips. Well done, however, I believe that you must have missed a few of my trades or simply just did not take them. In the month of November 2015 we achieved the following results:

EURAUD: 633 pips 1.28
AUDCAD: 203 pips
EURAUD: 406 pips
EURAUD: 432 pips
EURUSD :139 pips

There were no losses this month. We had a 100% win rate this month. Those who traded the above trades risking 2% should have seen a ROI of 5%+ (for this month’s trades) in their Forex Trading accounts.
Total pips for November 2015: 1,813 Pips

In the month of December 2015 we had the following results:

S/L: 0.7269 Risk 171 pips STOPPED OUT FOR -171 PIPS (December 3, 2015)
Buy: 0.7440
T1: 0.7671

AUDNZD WEEKLY VOYAGER (November 15, 2015)
S/L: 1.0718 Risk for 275 pips Stopped out for 275 pips December 9, 2015)
BUY: 1.0993
T1: 1.1310

S/L: 1.5801 Risk 619 pips
SELL: 1.5182
T1: 1.4750 Hit Target for 432 pips
T2: 1.4430 Hit Target for 752 pips (December 2, 2015)
Total net pips: 1,184 pips

S/L: 0.9139 RISK 272 PIPS
BUY: 0.9411
T1: 0.9614 Hit target 1 for 203 pips
T2: 0.9736 Hit target 2 for 325 pips (December 1, 2015)
Total Pips: 528 pips 0.97

GBPJPY DAILY Trendline Break
S/L: 188.16 Risk 309 pips
SELL: 185.07
T1: 182.51 Hit target #1 for 256 pips (December 14, 2015)
T2: 180.47 Hit target #2 for 460 pips (December 18, 2015)
Total pips: 716 pips

EUR/USD DAILY ALCAPULCO (November 10, 2015)
Stop: 1.0893 risk 194 pips (Moved S/L to B/E +10 pips)
Selling at: 1.0699
T1: 1.0560 Hit target for 139 pips
T2: 1.0490 Stopped out for+ 10 pips

Total pips: 1,270 6 wins/ 2 loses: 75% win rate 25% loss rate

So the combine totals for the two months that you were with us equated to: 3,083 pips with 11 wins and 2 losses which is an 85% win rate. I just wanted to make the record clear had you traded ALL of my Forex Signal trades in either month or combined.

I look forward to having you evaluate our company’s service and I do appreciate your honesty and wiliness to share your experiences.

As to the claim of Mr. Burger, I’ve been personally trading for more than 26 years with both stocks and Spot Forex and I don’t how someone who has NEVER purchased, visited or taken part of any of our services i.e Forex Signals Service, Forex Account Fund Management Services, Forex Trading Courses can make such an bold an unfounded arbitrary statement of FXALTareeq being “obvious scammers”. A baseless statement like the one Mr. Burger made can be damaging, above borderline slander and should be recanted if he is not able to provide “obvious scammer” evidence and I am sure he can’t as our record speaks for itself not just by us but members here on this forum and elsewhere.

With that being said. I wish you a magnificent day on PURPOSE!


[B]We have some exciting things to show you with our profit generating system, but most importantly, how to receive substantial profits on your Investments using our company’s services and management’s team experience. How does 3%-10% per week ROI sound?[/B]

This is from your homepage. Someone with 26 years of experience talks about 3-10% returns per week ? LOL
You use a $ 5 million demo account ? LOL Who do you think you’re kidding ? That’s all you can show after 26 years of trading, a 5 month demo account with 68% draw-down and using a huge amount of paper money to impress retarded persons ?

I just wanted to follow up on the comments on FX Al Tareeq’s performance. I was not involved in all of the trades that he listed on his post. Either I missed taking the entry as recommended by his signal or I may have already been in a trade involving the same pair using a different reason for entry. Also, more often than not, I was taking all of my position off at Target 1, instead of leaving half of the position for T2.

These are some of the reasons for the difference in my performance vs. the performance he reports on his site. But still I can report that I have been profitable during the time I have been a subscriber. I am going to try to take the 2 target exits from here on.

And yet you so eloquently forgot to mentioned that, that $5 Million Demo account (which every single trades is verified) is now sitting at $8.8 Million with net gains of 73.6% or 13% monthly. Hmm started with $5 Million 5 months ago and I now have $8.8 Million or ROI of 73% in 5 months yeah I would be laughing out loud too…somewhere on the Riviera.

Enough said. I know you’re not selling signals Mr. Burger. You’re just selling wolf tickets on the forum. I’ll put my record and all of it’s public trades against yours any day. What have you traded and posted lately? Nothing! Take a look at your posts verses mines on this forum, it says it all where you’re coming from. I refused to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person…go arm yourself Mr. Burger.

Please let’s give all of the signal providers a chance. That’s the whole point of this thread, to have an open minded evaluation. As a subscriber I know that FX Al Tareeq’s signals are solid and he does a good job to explain his reasons for taking the entries, as well as the stop loss and targets.

So please let’s treat each other with respect. If one of the signal providers does not perform well, it will become apparent soon enough. Thank you.

What happens if you miss the signal though, are they all live or given to you at the start of the trading week?

The 4 signal providers I’m using send you their signals by e-mail so you can still get the signals on your mobile if you are away from home. The signals could come at any time during the day or night. The only time I will miss a signal is if I am sleeping.

Following is a brief summary of what happened during Week 1.

DD Markets: 1 new signal opened, hit SL.
Current open positions - 0

FX Al Tareeq: 1 new signal opened, hit SL.
Current open positions - 0

DRFX: 0 signals. I only subscribed last week.

Ashraf Laidi: 5 new signals opened.
3 positions closed - 2 wins, 1 loss.
Current open positions - 5

I want to make clear that these are my positions. FX Al Tareeq has 1 open position that hit T1 and took partial profit, now waiting for T2. I took all of my position off at T1. I’m not sure how many open positions for DRFX.

DD Markets usually sends a discussion and signal late Sunday afternoon USA time or about 11:00 PM GMT.

It is too soon to comment on profit/loss results in pips, $, or %. I’ll summarize at the end of the month or maybe before then if I get to take enough trades.

Feel free to comment on your experiences with these or other signals providers.

Here a interesting question for @yohec. How are you going to evaluate the success of a Signal Provider? Will it be win/loss ratio, Risk: Reward, # of pips gain/loss/, Profit percentage etc? I ask this question because what if a Signal Provider has a high loss rate but his/her R or (risk reward) is GREAT i.e. they have lost of loser but their winners are large like 1:4 on average which will make them very profitable in the long run but their record will show lots of losers? What data or criteria are you using to judge the success of a Signal Provider and more importantly WHY? What will make that data or criteria reliable?

Ed Sakota one of the GREAT Forex traders has a tremendously high losing rate, but his Risk Reward number are huge and out weight his loses. So I’m just asking what criteria are you using. Many amateur Traders will of course go for win/loss ratio, but that is suspect in judging the success of Forex trading in my opinion. I look forward to your response.

The only thing that matters to me is if the Signal Provider is profitable to me in the long run. If I continue taking the provider’s signals, am I confident that I will have a profit? Win %, Risk:Reward, etc. don’t really matter if you can’t be profitable. So to answer your question, I will consider a Signal Provider successful if I make money taking their signals. This applies to the long run, understanding that all methods will go through drawdown periods.

I am aware that there is a direct relation with Win % and R:R. I have no interest in trading a system with a low R:R that requires a high Win % to be profitable. I would consider using a low Win %, high R/R system.

One thing I want to clarify is that I am not trying to compare the Signal Providers to each other. I am trying to evaluate each one on its own merits. As long as I believe that they can be profitable to me, I will continue to trade them. I just need to give them enough time and take enough trades to ensure a representative sample.

approximately what time are the signals sent…I live on the West coast and I won’t be able to trade from 11PM to 6AM PST…would I miss most of the signals?

My time zone is CST and I have received almost all signals during the time when I am awake. I also sleep about the same hours as you, between 11PM to 6AM CST.

DD Markets signals are market orders usually given between the New York close and Asian open. Laidi’s signals are given at all times of the day so you can’t plan on the time. But almost all have been sent out during my waking hours. FX Al Tareeq I’ve also caught almost all of his signals when awake. I still haven’t received a signal from DRFX since I just recently joined but I believe his signals will be given shortly after the NY close.

Keep in mind that almost all of these providers use the daily or weekly charts so usually it is not critical to take the signal immediately. The price doesn’t usually move very far from the entry signal right away. In some cases you can get a better entry if you wait. I take the signals as soon as I get them.

Did you follow up and try out Pipsar?