Silicon Markets and MTA Live

Hey guys,

I’m new here and this is my first post so be gentle with me please. :slight_smile:

Here’s some background info;
So basically I have been learning forex for the last couple of week reading through the baby pips school and trading on a demo account to get to grips with things and get some practise and I stumbled across a page on facebook which is MTA Live. These guys regularly post pictures of massive profits and are offering 12-month apprenticeships to teach people and they can eventually work with them. Now this got my interested as if this is legit it could be a good opportunity to learn so I’ve messaged them and they sent me an email with details about how I can get involved. To be part of their team they say that you have to sign up with a broker called Silicon Markets and then send them your username as proof and then you will be included with the apprenticeship. However, to sign up to Silicon markets you have to provide them with the account number of your bank account and provide them with a copy of your ID (passport, driving license etc.) which raised some alarm bells for me as I’ve never been asked for any of these things when signing up to anything else.

So the big question is has anyone got any experience with either of these two? Am I right to be suspicious or are they both legit?

Sorry for being rather long winded and thanks in advance.