Silindile Malinga Babypips New Member

Hi Everyone

My Name is Silindile Malinga from South Africa, I am a new member. I have no experience in the trading market that is why i decide to join babypips to learn more about it, and how to do it.

The reason why i decided to join is, a year ago i started working for this company, and when i use to go to my Managers Office, he was always online and his laptop had charts, so when i asked my colleagues what he does, than that is when they told me that he is trading. I really got an interest on it when my Manager explained it to me.

When he was telling me about it it was confusing, but still interested in knowing more about it and how to do it. So this is why i have decide to join and learn more.

I am really grateful for this site and looking forward to all learning stages/levels

Good to have you!