Simple candle breakout strategy

Hey fraiends, this one is very simple to trade, you wanna check it out


I like the simple and objective approach.

However, back-testing using H1 candles as per the video will over-state the win rate. In the clip, a bearish trade is counted as a winner of the sell order is triggered and that bar or the next one ranges 10 pips lower than the entry. In fact, there will be some occasions when the sell entry order is triggered but price rises before it hits the 10 pips TP: on some of these occasions it will hit the SL.

Hopefully, there wouldn’t be too many occasions where price does this but a win rate is only a win rate when you’ve won.

Yeah i tried this strategy and win rate is almost 65% and best what i like is, sometime trailng sl goes more than 10 pips, sl should be 10 or fixed.

Yes, I don’t like trailing stop-losses or even moving stop-losses - I do better when I set it and forget it and take my profits when the target is hit - and my target is never far out.

I think this strategy is gong to run OK, I’m going to try it with small positions. But I don’t like a r:r of 1:1, I am going to push this a bit higher, but no more than 1:1.5.

Sure Tommor, hope you get good result, if you do not like stop loss, you may try hedging strategies.

Such as this one